Welcome to Erin Putnam's blog!

My husband, Todd, and I have been married for 5 years. We have a 2 perfect children named Presley and Nate...and Lucy the chihuahua is still around, as well. We live in Memphis on Mud Island and really enjoy it! We have a great group of friends and you'll almost always find us together cooking out in someone's yard or at Movie and a Pizza...leaving the island is a rarity! I hope you enjoy my blog, as I try to keep everyone updated on our lives.

About Me

I like the pool, the beach, and any water - warm weather combo. I like shopping for Presley and Nate...way more fun than shopping for myself. I like cooking when I don't have to, running when the weather is perfect, the day the maid comes and my house is clean (even if for a little while), grocery shopping, minivans, pregnant women (just not me), a bubble bath and a sudoku puzzle, baby pictures of my husband, my hair the day after it was washed, reality TV, Oprah, when Todd takes the trash out without me asking, half-baked ice cream (I could seriously eat the stuff every day!), watching my babies sleep, talking about memories of my mom and grandmom, someone else choosing the restaurant, when the car beside me has spinners, strawberries and melted milk chocolate, and funny songs on your ring tone. I don't like feeling I need to exercise, folding itsy bitsy clothes, computer problems, hot leather seats, bugs, sun glasses that are too tight on your head, alarms, annoying girl drama, paying for daycare when it's closed, long fingernails, hugging people I barely know, people who use the word 'love' too liberally, and tacky children's clothes. All and all, I think I'm pretty normal.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

zoo love

Hippo Love
Monkey Love
Giraffe Love

recent pics

Presley and Daddy with one of her favorite animals
Daddy is so funny!
I see the polar bear!
    Tailgaiting with Pop
a cute shot down by the river

Sunday, October 12, 2008

and this little piggy went wah, wah, wah all the way home!

Presley's cute Halloween costume came in...and cute it was...but, Presley did not agree.  Ha!  Notice daddy laughing in the background...that didn't help too much?!?  

Sunday, October 5, 2008

what does an elephant say?

weekend pics

I love ice!

feeding my baby

my bed-head
notice the tacky shoes, I got them on sale for 'playing-outside-shoes'...and, of course, she loves them!

the pumpkin Presley and PopPop carved

Thursday, October 2, 2008

when all is quiet...

so, i sit here this evening at the desk, checking my email...nothing new.  then, after a minute or two, i notice that all is quiet.  the sun is down, and the lights in the other rooms are off, so i wonder, where is my child?  i check behind the couch, no presley...i check in her room, no presley...then, as i walk in to the hall i here some movement in the bathroom.  i flip on the lights, and here is what i find....

                                                                            too cute!