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My husband, Todd, and I have been married for 5 years. We have a 2 perfect children named Presley and Nate...and Lucy the chihuahua is still around, as well. We live in Memphis on Mud Island and really enjoy it! We have a great group of friends and you'll almost always find us together cooking out in someone's yard or at Movie and a Pizza...leaving the island is a rarity! I hope you enjoy my blog, as I try to keep everyone updated on our lives.

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I like the pool, the beach, and any water - warm weather combo. I like shopping for Presley and Nate...way more fun than shopping for myself. I like cooking when I don't have to, running when the weather is perfect, the day the maid comes and my house is clean (even if for a little while), grocery shopping, minivans, pregnant women (just not me), a bubble bath and a sudoku puzzle, baby pictures of my husband, my hair the day after it was washed, reality TV, Oprah, when Todd takes the trash out without me asking, half-baked ice cream (I could seriously eat the stuff every day!), watching my babies sleep, talking about memories of my mom and grandmom, someone else choosing the restaurant, when the car beside me has spinners, strawberries and melted milk chocolate, and funny songs on your ring tone. I don't like feeling I need to exercise, folding itsy bitsy clothes, computer problems, hot leather seats, bugs, sun glasses that are too tight on your head, alarms, annoying girl drama, paying for daycare when it's closed, long fingernails, hugging people I barely know, people who use the word 'love' too liberally, and tacky children's clothes. All and all, I think I'm pretty normal.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

instead of exercising...

I have chosen to update my blog.  One thing I have learned about being a working mom is that I am very lucky if I exercise 2 days a week.  You heard me, my current goal is to do 2 days a week...and, I am failing?!?  The girl who used to run hours in a day, is not even running an hour a week.  Oh well, I'll chose this life over that one any day.  

Not too much going on in our lives.  We are trying to get new carpet put down, however Lowe's is making it hard on us.  Who knew that when they said in 5 business days that they actually meant 22.  Silly me!?!  Of course, Todd wants me to cancel the order and take our business elsewhere...but, that means I would have to load up the child on Saturday and spend my free time picking out carpet...again!  After the 3 trips and 4 hours I spent in Lowe's surveying everyone that went by on which one they thought would look the best, AND be good for a 1 year old and a dog, I finally made a decision.  I do not want to do that again...so, I'll just wait my 22 days.  

I made an impromptu trip "home" (aka the delta) last weekend.  Bert and fam decided to go see our granddad in Cleveland, so I hated to pass up the opportunity to see them.  It was a nice day trip.  Todd is happy because my last 2 trips, I haven't come back begging to move.  Yes, ever since Presley was born, I just wanted to move home.  Todd did not agree.  But, he just listened to me whine and cry after every trip.  But, now, I have changed my mind.  It's nice and all, and I wouldn't mind the move, but I'm feeling a bit more content here so I think I'll stay put...for now.

We are planning our first summer vacation in 2 years.  We are headed to Destin the week of Labor Day.  We are still debating over taking Presley or not.  Here are my thoughts.  A couple that lives down the street and has a baby girl (just a few months) are going to be there, too.  So, we could take Presley and trade nights in and out, one couple keeping the babies, then maybe girls out one night, boys, etc.  I know she would like the beach...but, she'd like anywhere, for that matter.  I just can't decide?!?  I know I will miss her like crazy, but it also won't be a total "vacation" with her.  We obviously won't take her skiing this winter, so in that respect, I want to take her on this trip.  AARRGGHH!  You see where my head is.  I just can't make a decision.  Any recommendations are welcome!

I guess I'll wrap things up and go tidy up before bed.  Here are some pics.


The Hensons said...

any trip with a kid is not a vacation...it's just a re-location. that being said, re-locations can be fun...sometimes a change a scenery does everybody good!!

Kathryn said...

I think if you went without her you would regret not taking her with the friends being there with there little one. And like you said, ya'll could take turns baby sitting to have a night out. Sounds good to me.

Betsy said...

We took lilli and had a great time. If she is as content as Lilli is anywhere she goes than it will be fun. Of course it is not going to be like the vacations you used to take. And anyway you would miss her so much!!

Maggie said...

well you know what I want you to do being THAT friend that lives down the street and all :)